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About Us

SGT Cesnick on deployment
Veteran Liquids owner SGT Cesnick on deployment

All of the brands listed on our website were created by Veteran Liquids. Veteran Liquids is fully licensed and insured, with FDA TP1 numbers for each SKU, GCCs for our 30 ml glass bottles and 60 ml and 120 ml plastic chubby bottles, and will have FDA compliant labeling before the Aug 8th, 2018 deadline. We have many brands and flavors to choose from. Need some help choosing a flavor? Contact us and we can help you out!

All products on our website are manufactured by Mister E -Liquid LLC. Their lab is an independently-certified ISO class 6 cleanroom. Check out Mister-E-Liquid's website for more information on where our vape juice is manufactured.

Veteran Liquids owner SGT Cesnick, at ease
Veteran Liquids owner SGT Cesnick, at ease

ABOUT THE OWNERS: Veteran Liquids was established in 2013 by husband and wife team Steven and Amanda Cesnick. SGT Cesnick served two tours in Iraq and Afghanistan during her seven years as an ammunition specialist in the US Army. Amanda's military service and her disabled veteran status was the primary inspiration for naming our company "Veteran Liquids". Steven has had a life-long passion for culinary arts and that passion helped fuel the creativity and dedication that goes into every one of our recipes.

Our goal is to provide our customers with the highest quality product possible while maintaining superior customer service. Regardless of which e-liquid you choose, you will absolutely love and enjoy vaping like a Patriot with Veteran Liquids!

Thank you for your love and support--we do it all for YOU! Also, huge thanks to ALL Veteran Liquids staff and affiliates.